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WiFi Scanner - The only software that makes you believe! The recent release of the WiFi scanner and the proliferation of many other WiFi hacking tools is a major worry for the telecom service providing companies whose profits are taking a hit because of these applications. Any attempt to muzzle the services of these WiFi hacking tools, from the telecom giants, won't be a surprise at all. Telecom giants like Airtel, Vodafone will talk about net neutrality and indirectly will prepare for the funeral of the WiFi scanner, as this application is working and flourishing at a rocketing speed. These telecom conglomerates should stop the hypocrisy of standing up for the consumers, as they are clearly overcharging for the WiFi they provide us, which is clearly pinpointed by the WiFi scanner application. Apropos to thewifihacker who are the creators of the WiFi scanner, this service provider companies are powerhouses and can hurt you in draconian ways. Tarnishing the brand's reputation is what the creators would aim for, but the company is too big for WiFi scanner and can easily make it disappear. Incidents like this, the quashing of the flourishing application like the WiFi scanner, calls into question the credibility of the internet service providing companies. If the WiFi scanner vanishes, as we all expect it to be, we can all send a valedictory wave to our ISP. Anyways, any honest man, who sought the services of this WiFi scanner application, would hate to see the application go away. Testimonials, Reviews and viral spreading of this application would actually prevent this WiFi hacking tool from the people who are trying to haunt this down. It is the war of a "single stand-alone desktop application vs many exorbitant profit making conglomerates". With our hard work and dedication towards not letting this application down, we can actually expect to have a modicum of control over the life of the WiFi scanner. Although it is just me, the word "net neutrality" should be erased from the dictionary of the officials of the top ISPs. While, they usually were expected to have paradise applications assisting them, this time, though, WiFi hacker proves to be a disastrous application to them. If this hacker WiFi tool spreads, the inevitable event, rather the evitable event of the ISPs lowering down their rates will happen. These ISPs can possess thousands of technically adept coders, creating useful assisting applications for the company, but they won't get, even if they tried, to have a courageous coder who will code a WiFi scanner which will change the way people look at these ISPs. One WiFi scanner is instilling fear into the board room of these companies which testifies the amount of corruption happening within these supposedly net-neutrality supporting telecom companies. If we nurture this WiFi scanner as if it is designed by ourselves, it has the power to surgically dissect the board- room of the ISPs and bring into limelight the ill-things and corruption taking place within these companies. Speaking is different, we should act on the WiFi scanner application to achieve tangible results.

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